Privacy Statement


We from CoPo Solutions value your privacy. The privacy statement below applies to CoPo Solutions data processing. CoPo Solutions respects your privacy and makes every effort to ensure that your data is treated confidentially and in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation.


In the first place, a distinction must be made between personal data and special personal data. Personal data is data that tells something about you and can also identify you. With personal data you should think of: first and last name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number and citizen service number. Special personal data are data about race, religion, health and criminal history. At CoPo Solutions we don’t process special data.

Website use

When you visit our website, you can use most functions of our website without your personal data being saved directly. However, we do use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet. By placing cookies, we can save certain data from you, for example, preference settings. These preferred settings are not linked to name, address, e-mail, etc .. With this information we want to improve your experience of our website and we want to provide you with relevant information about our services.

Our website uses legally permitted cookies:
– Cookies that make our website work properly.
– Cookies that ensure that our website is user-friendly.

CoPo Solutions doesn’t provide the information obtained through cookies to third parties without your prior consent. We have also compiled a complete overview of the cookies we use on our website:
– _gat: This cookie helps to limit the request speed to give the website sufficient speed, the retention period is 1 minute.
– _git: This cookie stores a unique value for every page visited, the retention period is 1 day.
– _ga: This cookie is used to identify a unique website visitor, the website visitor is given a randomly generated number. This cookie is mainly used for calculating visitor and session data for the analysis reports. The retention period of this cookie is 2 years. – NID: Google maps shows the exact location of CoPo Solutions on the contact page. The retention period for this cookie is 6 months.
– 1p_JAR: These cookies are used by Google to display suitable advertisements on Google sites based on your recent searches. The retention period for this cookie is 1 month.

CoPo Solutions uses Google Analytics on its website. The information collected by our cookies is stored on a server such as Google. We use an IP anonymizer to keep your data collected by cookies confidential. In this way, the last part of your IP address is

anonymized. CoPo Solutions meets the requirements set by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This implies that:

  • CoPo Solutions has a processor agreement with Google
  • That the last octet of the IP address is hidden, we realize this through our IPanonymizer.
  • CoPo Solutions “data sharing” disabled

CoPo Solutions doesn’t use other services of Google in combination with Google

Analytics and cookies

If you don’t wish to use cookies, you can set your browser to not accept cookies. Furthermore, you can only delete cookies on your computer yourself.

Use of our services
If you wish to do business with CoPo Solutions, we will collect data from you in order to conclude the agreement. To give you an idea of why and which data we process, we have compiled the following overview for you, note that what is in this table is not exhaustive.




Providing Service

– Create file
– Progress report
– Reporting process

CoPo Solutions processes your data based on the concluded agreement. CoPo Solutions meets the legal requirements regarding the recording and processing of personal data.


– Recording and collecting sums due – Performing operations to invoice services
– Performing mandatory checks

CoPo Solutions must process this data on the basis of the agreement and legal provisions.

Provision of information

-Providing information regarding our services
– Providing information to business customers

Information about the services of CoPo Solutions is provided at the request of the person concerned.

Exchange with third parties

Your data will be provided to the following parties, among others:
– Supervisors, if this is necessary in the context of the supervisory task. – Contracted parties who are involved in the process.

Third parties to whom data are provided, process the data in accordance with their own privacy statement. CoPo Solutions will furthermore explicitly ask for your consent to be share your information.

Use of automated decision making & profiling

CoPo Solutions doesn’t use automated decision making and / or profiling.

Retention period

– Basic data such as invoices must be kept for 7 years based on the law.
– Messages via social media or e-mail are in principle stored for 1 year, with the exception of data that is part of what has been agreed (a retention period of 7 years applies for this.)

Data Security

Regarding data security, CoPo Solution works within the given legal frameworks. CoPo Solutions will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the data against loss, theft or any form of unlawful processing. The following measures have been taken in the context of security:
– Encryption of data;
– Limited inspection authority within CoPo Solutions;
– Treatment of data as being confidential;
– Encrypted communication.

Your rights

– You have the right to view your data, if you wish, please let us know.
– You are entitled to rectification, if your details are incorrect or have changed, let us know.
– You are entitled to submit a complaint, if you have a complaint about our working method with regard to AVG, you can report this to the personal data authority. However, we greatly appreciate it when you discover a “data breach” that you pass it on to us, this way we can act quickly and adequately, of course we also adhere to the duty to report (within 72 hours) of the personal data authority.
– You are entitled to a transfer as a client, you can decide to switch to a different contractor, we will transfer the data if desired.
– You have the right to stop us regarding the use of your personal data. If you wish, we would like to receive a request by email.

For further information, we refer you to


This privacy statement only relates to the personal data CoPo Solutions processed for the purpose of implementing the agreement with you as a client. CoPo Solutions is in no way responsible or liable for the operation and content of websites or services by third parties.

Privacy statement adjustment

This privacy statement can be adjusted or supplemented at any time by CoPo Solutions. In this way, new legislation on the subject of personal data protection can easily be

implemented. In this way we can also keep our privacy statement in line with our business operations.


CoPo Solutions can ask you for further identification if you have questions about your personal data. CoPo Solutions can therefore ask you to send a copy of your identity paper(s). The copy will be properly destroyed after the Question has been processed.


We strive to answer your questions and / or requests within one month. If the answer lasts longer than a month, for example due to the complexity of the request, you will receive a message from CoPo Solutions.

Questions & Supervision

If you have questions about the personal data processed by us, you can contact: CoPo Solutions
Phone: 0031 683242122

You are also free to submit a complaint to the supervisor of the personal data authority. For more information, see