Paint & coating innovation

“Innovation is key to stay ahead”

 CoPo Solutions has gained a lot of experience in setting up innovation projects. This in many areas within the coatings and polymer chemistry field. Together we can accelerate your innovation project, gain new ideas and achieve targets quicker. 


Xavier Drujon – R&D Manager – Sartomer (France)

This is the second year I am working with Patricia as a consultant. Working with her has given me a better understanding of the final application and with this I can answer my customers questions better. More important for me is that I can make a better value proposition.

The combination of all the different things she can provide – literature study, inhouse training and practical lab experience makes for a unique combination which most consultants do not provide.

I have many projects and topics and every month we focus on one topic and make good progress. It helps that we make a clear plan and stay focused on the direction. Because of her hands-on experience we now have a level of expertise or familiarity with certain topics which would have taken us months or maybe even years to achieve.

She is very professional, enthusiastic, flexible and she listens a lot.