Paint & Coating Innovation

At CoPo Solutions we provide assistance in the formulation of paint and coatings, support in sourcing the right raw materials or design and prepare customized products.

Do you need help with...


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Formulation support and optimization:

  • Incorporation of new raw material
  • Development of guideline formulation
  • Formulation optimization

Raw materials


For the sourcing of raw materials we can guide you with:

  • Replacement of existing raw material
  • Improving of properties
  • New formulation

Product design


When current products do not fulfill your requirements we can help with:

  • New product design
  • Synthesis of molecules, additives, polymers and binders
  • Scale-up support

Our strength:

Knowledge from molecular level till coating functionality.

We have experience with:

  • 2k systems such as PU and epoxy
  • Preparation of emulsion polymers and polyurethane dispersions
  • Formulation of WB and SB formulations
  • Paint formulation and testing
  • Thermal, UV and EB curing methodology
  • Synthesis from monomer to polymer
  • Innovation supported by literature studies
  • Setting up of innovation research projects
  • Various chemical and mechanical analysis and testing methods

Lab facility:

Since July 2021 our own lab in Sittard is up and running, where we are equipped to perform synthesis and formulations.

Analysis and mechanical testing we can do at our partner labs. 



Visiting adress:

Handelsstraat 7

6135 KK Sittard (NL)

Telephone: + 31 683242122