Let me introduce myself

My name is Ing. Patricia Geelen, PhD and I have a broad experience in the field of polymers and coatings, both preparation and evaluation.

I am a wife and mother of 3 boys. Besides my family, my passion is chemistry, music and dancing.  I am creative, passionate and I never give up!

I am passionate about connecting ideas to solutions and I love the versatility of working in the different areas of chemistry. Next to looking for solutions, I love sharing knowledge with colleagues that want to know more about a specific topic.

In the section below I give an overview of my work experience . This will give you an idea on the topics I have experience with and tells you the companies I have worked for.

For an overview of the topics I am familiar with you can go to the expertise page.

Work experience

2000 – DSM life sciences (Geleen, NL)

Starting from my bachelors background I started with organic chemistry and multi-step synthesis. After some time, I started in the team that was working on anti-reflective coatings.

Because I was interested into getting more fundamental knowledge and being able in the future to lead my own projects, I decided to start my PhD.

2004 –Technical University of Eindhoven (NL), at the polymer chemistry department.

My research, Light switchable coatings, was a combination of organic synthesis (making my own acrylic monomers, RAFT-agents and initiators for ATRP), polymer synthesis and analysis (GC, NMR and MALDI-ToF-MS) and finally coating technology.

When I finished my PhD, in 2008, I decided to work abroad at Interpolymer (Wissembourg, Fr) in the R&D team to develop new emulsion polymers. In addition, I worked close together with the sales team to support new customer projects. I also implement optimizations in production as well as introducing new products.

2010 – AkzoNobel Decorative coatings – Specialties (Groot-Ammers, NL)

I worked on the development of a new anti-corrosion paint for the retail market. I was also the representative for DeCo of the CoP (Corporate of Practice) within AkzoNobel, that focussed on solving mutual (fundamental) questions regarding corrosion protection. Next to this, I worked on new 2k – epoxy floor coatings. 

2012 – Everris International (Heerlen, NL), part of ICL Specialty Fertilizers

I switched to the development of new type coatings for controlled release fertilizers. Next to coating design (alkyd, polyurethane a.o.), I learned the aspects of biodegradability, Phytotox testing, crop testing and leaching behavior of controlled release fertilizers.

2016 – Trespa (Weert, NL)

Within the R&D team, I was the theoretical expert on acrylates. I worked on the development of new EB cured coatings for the production of High pressure laminates (HPL). These were for both indoor and outdoor application.

2016 – Black Bear Carbon (Nederweert, NL)

Here I worked as R&D and technical service manager, on the validation and implementation of the QC methods. Also I worked on the development of pigment dispersions and production and sales support. 

2018 – Kriya Materials (Geleen, NL) 

I was working parttime on the development of functional coatings. I worked on second sourcing of raw materials and the development of new additives.

2019 – CoPo Solutions (NL), fulltime as an independent consultant in the field of coatings, paint and polymer chemistry.

On my LinkedIn page you can find a recent resumé, which you can download, that includes a detailed overview of my work experience and education.

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